Out Of The Box Game Review: A Gritty Narrative & Bouncer Challenges | Honest Impressions & Value Analysis

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Exploring the enticing deals landing in my inbox is a routine delight, especially when the offer involves the thrilling mystery bundle from Fanatical Games, priced at an enticing $4.99. Recently, I had the pleasure of immersing myself in “Out Of The Box,” a creation by Nuclear Tales, courtesy of this bundle. The promise of compatibility with the Steam Deck was enough to pique my interest and prompt me to dive into the game.

The Good :

The initial hook for me was the game’s trailer. It tantalizingly showcased elements of a gritty gangster lifestyle, edgy content, and a splash of mature themes. As an aficionado of indie games largely for their captivating storytelling, I anticipated an experience that would break away from the norm, presenting elements rarely encountered in my typical gaming escapades on platforms like PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

True to my expectations, the game’s narrative proved to be a captivating ride. Assuming the role of an ex-convict fresh out of a lengthy prison term during the ’90s, the game’s setting unfolds in the early 2000s. Seeking to carve a path towards lawful employment, the character reestablishes connections with their former crime boss, landing a job as a bouncer at a seedy nightclub.

The pivotal decisions made during dialogue-driven scenes significantly shape the character’s trajectory, enhancing the replayability of the game. Balancing the responsibilities of the bouncer job involves not just earning an income but also managing expenses like rent, bills, and even a gym membership. The core challenge revolves around maintaining the boss’s favor to retain the job while simultaneously pleasing the parole officer to evade a return to prison.

The Not So Good :

While the game offers an engaging storyline, a significant portion of the gameplay revolves around the routine tasks of a bouncer. Juggling responsibilities such as handling various personalities, conducting ID checks, diffusing conflicts, and upholding customer service standards becomes an integral yet occasionally monotonous aspect. It’s reminiscent of the reality that not all work brings inherent enjoyment.

The Verdict :

Taking into account both the price and the sheer enjoyment derived from playing, “Out Of The Box” delivers exceptional value for money. The visual aesthetics are commendable, the gameplay remains relatively straightforward, and it notably doesn’t drain the Steam Deck’s battery excessively.

This game might not be suitable for younger audiences, but for those seeking a gaming experience with an edgier tone, it stands out as a compelling choice. Personally, I have every intention of keeping this game installed on my Steam Deck for the foreseeable future.

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